Fritillaria meleagris


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Sold in 14cm Cior Pot

Position: full sun or partial shade
Soil: humus-rich, moisture-retentive soil
Rate of growth: average
Flowering period: April and May
Hardiness: fully hardy

Pretty, pendent, white and pinkish-purple bells with distinctive checkerboard markings on slender stems in April and May. These delightful snake’s head fritillaries are perfect for naturalising in a moist woodland edge or wildflower garden. While they can tolerate drier conditions, they will prefer a spot where the soil remains moist in summer.

Garden care: Plant out in reliably moist but not waterlogged soil, in full sun or lightly dappled shade. Protect the newly emerging foliage from slugs, and allow all the top growth to die back naturally before tidying it up.

Eventual height & spread: 0.3m H * 0.8m S