Levington John Innes No 2 10L


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Levington with added John Innes No 2 Compost -10L

Approved by the John Innes Manufacturer#s Association, Levington with John Innes No.2 is ideal for re-potting young plants. It has been specially developed, with a unique combination of 14 vital minerals for maintaining plants growth and health.

Fills 2 standard seed trays 34cm # 21cm.
Fills 10 small pots 12cm (5″).
Fills 2 medium pots 22cm (9″).

Use straight from the bag, it’s easy as that. When filling or potting, firm lightly. Keep the compost moist and do not let it dry out. Do not leave plants standing in water. Storing Levington John Innes No.2 from one year to another may result in the fertiliser ratios becoming unbalanced.

Before repotting, water plants well and allow to drain. Put fresh Levington John Innes No.2 compost in the bottom of a new pot. Turn the old plant upside down and tap the pot sharply to release. Place the plant in the middle of the new pot and add more compost, firming lightly around the root-ball. Leave a space of at least 1cm below the pot rim to allow adequate space for watering. Water the plant well.

Perfect for repotting plants. Repotting is best done in the spring, when plants are actively growing.