Blue Rose Set


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Blue Rose set – a sophisticated blend of scents and elegance. This ensemble features a striking blue vase, a distinctive red rose, and a choice between a captivating candle or a refined perfume, creating a timeless and thoughtful expression for the perfect Valentine’s Day gesture.



The “Blue Rose” set includes:

  • Valentine’s Rose in turquoise blue vase

  • Charles Farris scented candle or Bon Parfumeur perfume



Charles Farris Signature Tin candle:

Uncover the transformative power of fragrance. Discover the essence of comfort and luxury, as scents weave a tapestry of tranquillity and delight into your living space with Charles Farris candles. 

Available in two scents:

British Expedition: Composed of warm cloves and light ginger mixed with the freshness of sweet tobacco and mint tea. A scent with an adventurous spirit, inspired by London in 1845.

Garden of Eden: Composed of a blossoming garden scent of tuberose and lily of the valley, blended with fragrant jasmine and ylang ylang. A deep, luxurious twist on the scents of the English cottage garden.


Bon Parfumeur Perfume:

Enter Bon Parfumeur’s Atelier. Rare ingredients, beautiful materials, surprising olfactory combinations, exceptional, eco-responsible know-how and cruelty free methods. Haute parfumerie through niche unisex perfumes made in France

001: orange blossom / petitgrain / bergamot – A sparkling of bergamot and lavender with sweet orange blossom and musky base notes. Elegant sweetness gives this a must-have universal appeal.

101: rose / sweet pea / white cedar – A floral touch with Damask rose essence, green and spicy cardamom, sweet pea accord, and delicate lily of the valley. Musk and white cedar lend a powdery, cottony softness to the base notes, while patchouli gives definite character.

103: tiare flower / jasmine / hibiscus – Italian bergamot and Moroccan neroli open to a sunny blend of frangipani and Sambac jasmine, featuring green and orange-tinged notes. The base of musk and vanilla leaves a warm, milky trail reminiscent of sweet monoi and tranquil vacation memories.

301: amber / cardamom / sandalwood – The floral softness of jasmine, the rich, intense facets of sandalwood and dry woods, including cedar, complete the composition with warm, sweet, and milky undertones.

302: amber / iris / sandalwood – Spicy opening led by red berries with velvety-soft dark floral facets of Iris. Vanilla and incense reveal dense smooth notes before a balanced blend of sandalwood, amber and musk captivates us with its warm and balsamic notes.

401: cedar / candied plum / vanilla –  Freshness with notes of cypress, elemi, and bergamot, as the addictive plum captivates with sweet, candied fruit aromas. Intensified by cinnamon leaf and woody cedar, the base unveils velvety musky facets, while vanilla and labdanum add body and sensuality.

501: praline / licorice / patchouli – The smell of our first childhood pleasures! Hazelnut sets the tone, then in the heart, praline and licorice form a bubble of softness. Powdery iris launches the transition to musky notes. A deliciously addictive fragrance, with a strong patchouli trail!

601: vetiver / cedar / bergamot – Pink pepper, grapefruit, and bergamot charm with their fresh bursts. Dazzling violet adds a floral dimension, while the trio of cedar, sandalwood, and vetiver in the background creates a distinguished fragrance signature, leaving a strong impression.

701: eucalyptus / coriander / cypress – Substantial, slightly fruity freshness, the duo of grapefruit and bergamot adds a hint of bitterness. Bursting with spices and aromatics – pepper, rosemary, coriander, eucalyptus, cypress – creating a marvelous blend with white wood, amber, and frankincense.

801: sea spray / cedar /grapefruit – A refreshing trio of Italian citrus fruits opens, followed by a breeze of spices—pink pepper and nutmeg. Rows of cedars and cypresses fill the air with sun-dried wood facets.

901: nutmeg / almond / patchouli –  Shot of ginger energizes the initial citrus notes of mandarin and grapefruit. The warmth of spices ignites the heart, with black pepper, chili, and nutmeg forming a fearless trio. Almond unveils its softness, transitioning towards sweet vanilla facets, while tonka bean, patchouli, and musk leave a tremendously sensual trail.

Cruelty free, 100% Made in France, 30ML


The vase shape may vary from the one shown in the picture