Monstera Adansonii – Monkey Mask


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A cute name for a cute plant and so called due to the (vague?) resemblance of the leaves to that of a cheeky monkey.

A close relative of the Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera deliciosa), the Philodendron Monkey Mask is often also referred to as Philodendron or Monstera Obliqua, however a true Obliqua is more hole than leaf and nowhere near as attractive as this little chap.

Monstera adansonii is easy to care for so long as it has moist, warm conditions. The plant has a vining habit and often grows entwined in and around itself, with new leaves and vines sometimes growing through the holes in existing leaves. This can lead to leaves tearing which gives the plant a shabby chic rather that pristine appeal.

Light: Monstera grow best in bright, indirect light, but are hardy enough to tolerate moderate shade. Avoid direct sunlight however, as this may burn or bleach the leaves.

Water: Water when the soil of your Monkey Mask has started to dry-out. Be careful not to overwater as this can lead to root rot.

Temperature: Monstera like warm conditions from 18-27°C. Lower temperatures will reduce the plant’s growth rate. It will tolerate 12°C and above but avoid cold draughts.

Humidity: This plant will do best in average to high humidity levels. Cannot cope in dry air situations so mist occasionally for best results.

Feed: Feed once a month with a balanced fertiliser during the growing period.

Height & Growth rate: Adansonii is a slow to moderate-grower depending on conditions. Use a moss pole to support the plant or cut back if it gets too big.

Toxicity: The leaves of the Monkey Mask are poisonous so be sure to keep away from pets and children. Do not consume.

Origin: Monstera adansonii is native to Mexico and Central America.