Hoya Kerrii ‘The Sweetheart Plant’

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The Hoya Kerri or ‘Sweetheart Plant’ is a succulent which produces thick, heart shaped leaves. Hoya’s are nutoriously low maintenance and can withstand neglect, making them an easy plant for any household.

Water / Feed: Avoid overwatering and avoid watering directly onto the leaf to keep healthy.

Pet / Child: Non-toxic.

Temperature / Humidity: Thrives in a warmer climate between 15 – 30 degrees and high humidity.

Soil Type: Use a good quality well-draining cactus or succulent mix.

Light / Position: The lucky heart will be happiest in a brighter spot, but avoid constant direct sunlight.

Health Benefits: This houseplant is a great air purifier.

Growth / Spread: They are relatively slow growers but can reach a height of 20 cm.

Geographic Origins: It is commonly found in South East Asia, where they can grow up to four meters tall.