Howea Forsteriana – Kentia Palm


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If you’re looking for a chic, elegant houseplant with architectural grace, the Kentia Palm (Howea Forsteriana) is a top choice. Even if you have no experience with indoor houseplants, it’s easy to keep this low-maintenance palm in good health.

Though a Kentia Palm will survive erratic watering and low-light conditions, humidity is the key to keeping this mini palm tree in perfect condition. When positioned in a well-chosen spot, Howea Forsteriana has the potential to grow into a spectacular, 3m (9ft) tall indoor palm tree!

Light: Prefers bright, indirect light but will tolerate shade. Direct morning or afternoon sunlight for a few hours a day should not harm an established plant, providing it is not too harsh.
Watering: Be careful not to overwater your Kentia Palm as this can lead to waterlogged roots and rot. Allow the top of the soil to dry out before watering again.
Temperature: The Howea forsteriana prefers average household temperatures: between 16-24°C, but do not allow it to fall lower than 13°C. Avoid cold draughts.
Humidity: Howea forsteriana prefers increased humidity levels. Place on a shallow gravel tray filled with water and mist regularly. Ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.
Feed: Liquid fertiliser can be applied occasionally during the growing season. Try not to over-feed.
Height & Growth: Rate:The Kentia Palm is a very slow-growing plant which typically reaches an ultimate indoor height of around 2 to 3 metres.
Toxicity: This palm is non-toxic and therefore safe around small children and animals.
Air Purifying: Palms clean and improve air quality by filtering toxins from the surrounding environment.
Origin: Howea forsteriana originates from Lord Howe Island, Australia.

Please note: images show how this plant may look at various stages of maturity. The size you choose may look different.