Rubber Plant (Ficus Elastica Abidjan)

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What’s not to love about Rubber Plants? With their broad, glossy leaves held proudly on sturdy stems. Ficus elastica Abidjan stands out with its rich tones of bronze and burgundy leaf colour.

A 70’s classic that remains timeless. Ficus elastica make great, ornamental house plants and if you are looking for something a little bit different with a retro vibe, the colours of Ficus elastica Abidjan may be just the thing for you.

Part of the Fig family, this lovely tall house plant is famous for its’ thick glossy leaves. It likes to be watered regularly, and prefers indirect sunlight.

Water / Feed: Water when the soil is 2 inches dry at the top.

Pet / Child: This plant is toxic with the latex in the sap, it is advised to keep away from pets and children. The plant also contains allergens which could spark asthmatic symptoms.

Temperature / Humidity: This plant prefers warmer temperatures and will benefit from occasional misting.

Light / Position: This plant prefers bright indirect light.

Rate of growth: This plant is moderate to fast grower and can reach the heights of 30cm – 2m.

Origin: The plant is native to India and Indonesia.