Zamioculcas Zenzi – Zenzi ZZ Plant


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The Zenzi ZZ Plant is a dwarf variety growing no larger than 40cm in height and is a relatively new cultivar to the gardening world. Distinguishable by its thick, compact and lush dark green leaves along with its compact shape and size gives it different look than its larger counterpart.

Due to its compact size it makes a perfect desk plant for an office or home and can cope with lower light levels. Don’t fret if the Zenzi looks like it is going to burst from its pot. It likes to be pot bound and often the pot with be distorted in shape and should only to be repotted once it has split the pot it is in.

Water / Feed

Water whenever you notice that the potting compost is dry. As it stores water in its rhizomes be careful not to overwater. Feed during Spring and summer with diluted liquid feed.

Temperature / Humidity

A low-maintenance plant that will thrive in room temperatures ranging between 15°C and 24°C (59°F and 75°F). Minimum winter temperature 8°C (46°F).

Pet / Child

This plant is regarded as slightly toxic. Don’t allow pets to chew the leaves.

Copy of Soil Type

Repot only when the current pot cracks or splits as the like to be pot bound . Use quality potting compost designed for cacti and succulents. Ensure that the pot or container has holes for drainage.

Light / Position

This versatile plant will grow in bright or shady positions so perfect to brighten up your home or office. Avoid positioning in direct sunlight.

Growth / Spread

The Zamioculcas. Zanzi is a dwarf variety and will eventually reach a height of about 40 – 45 cm Growth tends to remain much more compact and shrubby than its counterpart.

Health Benefits

The Zenzi ZZ converts Carbon Dioxide (CO2) into fresh Oxygen whenever it is exposed to light.

Copy of Geographic Origins

This tropical houseplant can be found growing wild in East Africa.