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With such an affordable price tag, the elephantipes or more commonly known as Yucca is still one of the best houseplants available to give a room that ‘jungle’ wild vibe. The look is classic, with bunches of large, spear-shaped leaves sprouting from single or multiple woody stems. The amount of stems can range from 1-4, see listed below each & various stem sizes alongside the pot diameter to provide clarity on your choice of this gorgeous plant.

A top interior design tip is to group a Yucca with other large leafed tropical houseplants as a special feature. The tall ‘trunks’ of a mature Yucca will add height to your creative display. As well as looking fantastic, tropical houseplant grouping can help to purify the air and increase Oxygen levels in your home.

17cm pot
1. highest stem:
2. lowest stem:


1. highest stem: 60cm
2. lowest stem: 30cm