Sansevieria Cylindrica Straight (Cylindrical Snake Plant)

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If you’ve not heard of Sanseviera, how about Mother in Law’s Tongue? This is the more popular name for the Snake Plant. Available in a variety of cultivars, the Cylindrica has tube-like foliage rigidly held upright. If you’re looking for a low maintenance and archetectual houseplant that’s almost indestructible this is the plant for you.

Water / Feed

Water sparingly whenever you notice that the compost is dry. Avoid leaving Sanseviera standing in pooled water. Feed occasionally with diluted cactus feed or general-purpose plant fertiliser.

Pet / Child

The leaves of the Snake Plant contain saponin; a chemical which is known to be toxic. Keep out of the reach of dogs that habitually chew houseplants.

Temperature / Humidity

This is a highly tolerant houseplant that prefers moderate room temperatures. Winter temperatures persistently below 10°C (50°F) should be avoided.

Soil Type

Occasional repotting will be required when the Snake Plant’s roots outgrow the pot. Use a quality houseplant compost with added drainage material in the base.

Light / Position

For steady, healthy growth place the Snake Plant in bright, indirect sunlight. This hardy survivor will also battle-on in a shady spot.

Health Benefits

Sansevieria removes Benzene from contaminated air and also have the unusual ability to release fresh Oxygen into a room at night, rather than during daytime exposure to sunlight.

Growth / Spread

Sanseviera is a slow grower. Expect a maximum height of around 1m (39in).

Geographic Origins

Sanseviera grows wild in tropical regions of West Africa.