Phlebodium Blue Star (Blue Star Fern)

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With fronds that hang like green streamers, Phlebodium Blue Star (the Blue Star Fern) is a low-maintenance indoor plant that’s easy to keep. With its origins in the rainforests of South America, this moisture-loving fern will thrive in a humid kitchen or bathroom.

Phlebodium even appreciates an occasional luke-warm shower to clear gathered dust from its leaves. If you’re planning to group a few houseplants as a decorative feature, you’ll find that the Blue Star Fern’s mass of blue-tinged leaves will form an attractive backdrop.

Water / Feed

Phlebodium Blue Star appreciates just enough water to keep the compost moist. Hold-back on the watering through the winter months.

Pet / Child

A harmless houseplant which is dog, cat and child friendly.

Temperature / Humidity

Ferns love humidity, so regular misting and a moist pebble tray are recommended for dry environments. Avoid placing Phlebodium in a room where temperatures may drop below 10°C (50°F).

Soil Type

Can be repotted with a good quality houseplant compost. A little added gravel will help to improve drainage.

Light / Position

This fern will tolerate a wide range of light conditions but dislikes direct sunlight and dark corners.

Health Benefits

Like all green leafed plants, this fern converts household Carbon Dioxide (CO2) into pure Oxygen.

Growth / Spread

A mature, healthy Blue Star Fern will reach a maximum height of 1m (39in). Though the leaves will become quite dense they remain relatively compact.

Geographic Origins

Wild Phlebodium Blue Star Ferns can be found in the rainforests of South America.