Monstera Adasonii


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Monstera Adansonii are known for their lacy green leaves, covered with natural leaf-holes called fenestrations. The “Swiss Cheese Plant” also boasts soft yet resilient stems that can be trained to climb, hang, or trail.

Each plant is unique; size and shape fluctuate by season so all measurements are shown as a range
Small and medium plants measure between 5–10″ tall from the soil line to the top of the foliage
Arrives in a nursery grow pot nestled in your planter choice;  except for large planters, which ship separately from large plants

Care Guide:

Monstera Adansonii
Tropical Americas

Plant Care

Thrives in bright indirect to medium light.

Water every 1-2 weeks, allowing soil to mostly dry out between waterings. Increase frequency with increased light Monsteras can benefit from filtered water or leaving water out overnight before using.

As this plant matures, it might reach for something to climb. Provide it with a trellis or moss pole to encourage vertical growth.
Sad Plant Signs
Minimal leaf holes:
Young plants start off with minimal holes, as they mature more will develop
Brown, crispy edges:
Underwatered, or high salt build up from tap water
Yellowing leaves or black stems, wet potting mix: