Maranta Leu Fascinator (Prayer Plant)


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Don’t miss this fascinating member of the Prayer Plant family! As well as having startling leaf colouring, this Maranta leuconeura ‘Fascinator’ cultivar raises its leaves each evening, almost like hands in prayer. This amazing phenomenon is called ‘Nyctinasty’ and it’s an example of nature’s ‘Circadian’ rhythms of life. Fascinator is a tricolour variety having velvety green leaves, with distinctive red veins arranged in a herringbone pattern. Central variegation helps to show-off the colourful veining. The reverse of each leaf has a pinkish, red hue.

Water / Feed

Water this moisture-lover regularly with luke-warm water. Avoid leaving the plant sitting in a tray of pooled water. A twice monthly feed with a multi-purpose houseplant fertiliser is

Pet / Child

Houseplants of this species are non-toxic for all pets and children.

Temperature / Humidity

This Maranta Prayer Plant loves temperatures between 18°C and 27°C (64°F and 85°F). The minimum winter temperature for this cultivar is 15°C (59°F). We recommend regular misting and a moist pebble tray for this variety.

Soil Type

We recommend annual repotting in a good quality commercial potting compost. A free-draining, loose fill is best for this houseplant.

Light / Position

Like many tropical varieties, Maranta leuconeura Fascinator enjoys a well-lit position away from drafts. Avoid direct sunlight as this may damage the delicate leaves.

Health Benefits

As well as being highly decorative, the leaves of this Prayer Plant convert household Carbon Dioxide (CO2) into Oxygen during daylight hours.

Growth / Spread

This plant is a slow-grower that will reach a height of around 30cm (12in) in bright conditions. The leaves will usually hang gracefully over the side of the pot during daylight hours.

Geographic Origins

This cultivar was originally discovered in the rainforests of Brazil.