Ficus Elastica Robusta (Rubber Plant)

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Ficus Elastica Robusta is a slightly modified variation of the classic Rubber Plant that was once a feature of so many homes and offices. This modern version of the indoor rubber has bigger, glossier leaves than the classic cultivar.

Rubber Plants can have incredibly long lives and it’s not unusual for owners to develop a strong bond with their Ficus. A relative of the edible fig, ‘Robusta’ will take care of itself as long as you can provide the bare essentials of Rubber Plant life

Water / Feed

Water a rubber plant whenever the top of the pot looks dry. Some leaves may be lost if you overwater this species. A regular spring/summer feed with a diluted liquid fertiliser will promote growth and overall good health.

Pet / Child

The leaves and sap of the Rubber Plant can be harmful to pet and humans.

Temperature / Humidity

Rubber Plants prefer average room temperatures ranging from 16°C (60°F) to 24°C (75°F). Misting and a leaf sponge with water are both beneficial.

Soil Type

When the soil becomes depleted of nutrients, this long-lived plant will need to be repotted. Ensure that the pot or container has drainage holes in the base. The addition of extra drainage material is often beneficial.

Light / Position

Rubber Plants prefer bright ambient light levels but may be scorched by direct sunlight. They tolerate quite low light levels but tend to branch towards a light source. Turn the plant for even growth.

Health Benefits

The large leaves are excellent for converting Carbon Dioxide (CO2) into Oxygen. Rubber Plants are also listed in US reports for their ability to clear harmful VOC gasses from domestic homes.

Growth / Spread

Groom a rubber plant to match the space available by trimming excessive growth. Gloves are recommended as the plant’s white latex sap is a toxic irritant.

Geographic Origins

The original Ficus Elastica genus is native to India and Indonesia.