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Bushy and evergreen, this dwarf Crassula is a very easy plant to grow and care for. Almost resembling a bonsai tree, they are a popular succulent (plants that have thickened fleshy leaves to usually to retain water) because all it needs is a good dose of light and not to be over watered. Being relatively easy to care for makes it a great option for inexperienced (or busy!) plant owners. As if that wasn’t enough, they’re also good air purifiers.

Believed to bring good fortune and prosperity it’s also known as the friendship or money plant and makes a great gift for a new home, new job or just to wish someone good luck! Over time, it’s stems will become woodier but it’s characteristic fleshy leaves will remain. In warmer rooms, you may even find small, light pink clusters of flowers appear in autumn.

They’ll survive in partial shade but love full indirect sun. Watch out for harsh summer sun which can easily scorch the eaves. They don’t mind chillier spots (so long as they’re stable) and when it comes to watering, it’s best to under-water than over water. Like most plants they’ll need more water during growing season (April-September). 

Usually, they’ll need a drink every 10 days or so, but the best way to know when your Crassula is thirsty is to simply stick your finger in to the soil. When the top 2-3cm have dried out, then it’s time to water. Allow any excess to drain away. Too much water, and the stems will become floppy (usually rectified with a reduction in water and possibly a trim of affected stems). If growing in a more shady spot then rotating your Crassula every so often should help prevent it leaning towards the light.

Feed with liquid feeder once each season (except winter) and every 2-3 years repot with succulent compost.

If you have pets and young children, they can be toxic if eaten – their fleshy leaves perhaps more enticing than most for little mouths.

Sold in a 5.5cm pot.


Water / Feed: Water when the top 2-3 cm of soil has dried out but don’t allow it to sit in water. Feed once each season except winter.

Pet / Child: Toxic – so keep out of reach

Temperature / Humidity: 15-24 degrees Celsius is optimum but they can cope down to 10 degrees.

Soil Type: Use specialist cactus/succulent compost.

Light / Position: Bright, indirect light but can survive in partial shade (though consider turning plant around regularly).

Growth / Spread: Slow growing they’ll reach around 45cm

Geographic Origins: South Africa

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