Chlorophytun Comosum (Spider Plant)

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The Spider Plant (Chlorophytun Cosmum) drifts in and out of style every few years. With its attractive colouring and variegation, this variety has a natural affinity for bright, minimal interiors. As well as being low maintenance, Spider Plants are famous for their easy propagation.

Simply pot-up the spider-like plantlets that appear after flowering. In Polish folklore, the appearance of fresh white flowers on a Spider Plant was said to be an omen of a coming wedding or a birth.

*Does not include decorative pot.

Water / Feed
These popular houseplants like plenty of water through the spring and summer months. Feed with a weak liquid fertiliser solution through the growing season.

Pet / Child
This is a harmless houseplant that’s human and pet-friendly.

Temperature / Humidity
When it comes to room temperatures, Spider Plants aren’t fussy. Keep the thermostat set above 16°C (61°F). Maintain winter room temperatures above 8°C (46°F).

Soil Type
Use a quality houseplant compost with added drainage material in the pot base when repotting adult plants or offshoots.

Light / Position
The best position for a Spider Plant is usually near to an East or West facing window. These plants will tolerate shade, but they dislike direct sunlight.

Health Benefits
During daytime photosynthesis, Spider Plants convert Carbon Dioxide (CO2) into fresh Oxygen. US studies have found that these plants can help to remove Formaldehyde from the air in your home.

Growth / Spread
Chlorophytun Cosmum will grow quickly to about 60cm (24in) tall. Multiple trailing plantlets are produced after flowering.

Geographic Origins
Native to many of the tropical regions of Africa.