Ceropegia Woodii (String Of Hearts)


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With delicate, heart shaped leaves, the String of Hearts plant makes a fun gift for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or a wedding anniversary. Along with the Latin name, Ceropegia Woodii, the plant has various other love-themed names, including Chain of Hearts, String of Hearts, Hearts on a String and the Sweetheart Vine.

This is a low-maintenance trailing vine which is best displayed in a hanging pot or ornament. To complement the love-heart leaves, this delightful vine also produces exotic tubular flowers.


Water / Feed

String of Hearts will tolerate some neglect. Keep moist through spring and summer but don’t overwater. Water very occasionally in winter. Apply a diluted liquid feed about once a month in summer.

Pet / Child

The String of Hearts plant is harmless to pets and humans.

Temperature / Humidity

This romantic vine loves temperatures between 18°C and 24°C (64°F and 75°F).

Soil Type

When repotting this Ceropegia, use a gritty commercial compost suitable for cacti and succulents.

Light / Position

This is a light-loving houseplant that will benefit from occasional direct sunlight. Hang in a bright spot away from drafts.

Health Benefits

During the daytime, this vine converts Carbon Dioxide (CO2) into fresh Oxygen.

Growth / Spread

Though the plant-top will generally be no higher than 10cm (4in), the trailing vines can stretch to 2m (6.5ft). Trim the vines with scissors to fit the space available.

Geographic Origins

Discovered in the mountains of Natal, South Africa in 1881.



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