Calathea Makoyana (Peacock Plant)


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It’s the striking variegation on the leaves of Calathea Makoyana that give it the name ‘Peacock Plant’. This is probably due to the regular leaf patterns looking a little like the scales of some rattlesnake species. Thankfully, this colourful plant is non-toxic and perfectly safe in your home.

With tropical origins, it loves damp, humid conditions. With a little TLC, it’s easy to maintain the eye-catching leaf colouring of this exotic houseplant.

Water / Feed

Aim to keep a Rattlesnake Plant moist without overwatering. A quarter strength, nitrogen-based fertiliser applied should be applied monthly to maintain leaf colour.

Temperature / Humidity

Comfortable room temperatures between 18°C and 23°C (64°F and 73°F) are recommended. Temperatures below 15°C (60°F) may damage this cultivar. Stand pot on a moist pebble tray and mist regularly.

Pet / Child

This Calathea is perfectly safe for children, dogs, cats and other pets.

Soil Type

Repot as required with a good quality potting compost. Many experienced houseplant growers recommend placing broken crocks or similar materials in the pot base for extra drainag

Light / Position

Calathea lancifolia is a tropical plant that grows best in diffused, bright sunlight. Position out of direct sunlight to prevent the glorious leaf colours from fading.

Growth / Spread

Grows quite quickly to a height of around 60cm (2ft). The spread is compact.

Health Benefits

As well as being colourful, Calathea lancifolia leaves are highly effective in converting Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to Oxygen.

Geographic Origins

The Rattlesnake Plant is a native of Central and Southern America.