Tradescantia Sweetness

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Water Requirements: Low Water Requirement
Toxicity: Not Pet Safe – Keep Out Of Reach
Light Requirements: Happy In Light Or Shade
Air Purifying: Yes

Care Tip: Cut long stragly ends off and push the clean cut of the piece back into the soil to replenish and fill out the plant. They root very easily in their original home.

A Bit About Tradescantia Plants

The Tradescantia genus is a collection of approximately 75 herbaceous perennial wild flowers in the family Commelinaceae, native to parts of Canada, Argentina and the West Indies. They were introduced to Europe as ornamental house plants in the 17th century.

Most Tradescantias are trailing or clump forming, but there are a few that are climbing species too. Tradescantias make a very rewarding house plant due to their quick and vigorous growing habits. We all know it’s not all about size though! The Tradescantias make a fabulous house plant as the beauty of this plant is in the range of colours in its leaves (Joseph’s technicolour dream coat – eat your heart out!).

Tradescantia make great house plants as they are very forgiving if you forget to water them once in a while. They are not a succulent (although often mistaken for a succulent plant), as they have fleshy leaves and stems. This enables them to store a fair bit of water.

The Tradescantia genus has a little royalty in its history – named after John Tradescant – a highly skilled gardener employed by King Charles I.

Not Pet Safe: This plant is generally considered not safe for pets. The plant toxicity levels may cause gastrointestinal problems if consumed by your pet. If you choose to bring this house plant into your pets environment, please place out of reach on a shelf or counter. Please note that not all varieties of the same species may fall into the same level of toxicity.