Aeschynanthus Rasta (Lipstick Plant)


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The Aeschynanthus Rasta or ‘Lipstick Plant’ sends out spiralling twists and turns of curly leaves and red blooming flowers. The perfect plant for sprawling a shelf or a hanging planter, the Lipstick Plant is a very resilient indoor plant.

Water / Feed: Water moderately during the summer months but avoid soaking the soil. During the colder months, be sure to wait until the soil has dried out between waters.

Pet / Child: The lipstick plant is considered non-toxic but consuming is not advised.

Temperature / Humidity: This plant likes high humidity and will thrive in a bathroom or a kitchen. The Lipstick plant prefers a warmer climate.

Light / Position: This house plant will love a lot of bright indirect sunlight.

Rate of growth: This plant is a slow grower and can reach the ultimate height of 45cm – 60cm.

Origin: The Lipstick plant is native to South East Asia.