Pittosporum Tenuifolium Irish Luck


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Pittosporum Tenuifolium ‘Irish Luck’ is a more unusual variety of this popular evergreen ‘upright’ shrub. With olive-green leaves tinged with white detail they’re pleasing on the eye; their striking dark stems adding to their visual interest. But as if that’s not enough, they also produce tiny honey-scented burgundy flowers in spring/summer.

Neat and tidy, Pittosporums make a great addition to any border providing structure and height, and ultimately grow up to 3m tall over ten years, meaning they’re great for hedging too. They respond well to shaping too!

Hardy in most areas of Britain, but being native to Australasia, Pittosporum may suffer in colder parts of the UK. In any location though, they will need shelter from cold drying winds. They thrive in full sun or partial shade and dislike wet soil – so depending on your soil type you might need to add some grit.

Feed in spring/summer (especially if in a pot) and mulch during wintertime to keep weeds at bay.


Sold in 4.5L grower’s pot

Mature Height: 3m (after 10 years)

Mature Spread: 2m

Flower Colour: Burgundy

Flowering Time: Spring/Summer

Foliage: Evergreen

Fragrant: Honey/sweet

Growth Rate: Slow

Hardiness: Hardy in most areas

Position: Full sun / Dappled sun

Soil Moisture: Moist but well-drained

Soil PH: Acid, neutral, alkaline

Soil Type: Chalk, loam, sand


Please note: images show how this plant may look at various stages of maturity. The size you choose may look different.