Photinia Louise

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Characteristics: Evergreen shrub, compact and bushy habit, glossy variegated green leaves, large clusters of white flowers, suitable for hedging and in borders

Growth & Spread: Height 2m – 3m, Spread 2m – 3m

Flourishing Season: Flourishes in summer and autumn, flowers from March – May

Water & Maintenance: Average watering required, low maintenance plant


Photinia Fraseri Louise is a medium-sized evergreen shrub, popularly used for its variegated red leaves. It is also known as the Christmas Berry. It grows compact and dense, forming a large bush that adds gorgeous colours to a garden, throughout the year. The variegated leaves develop shades of green and white and the new growth will show off a mix of pink and red. This upright bush is very hardy and is suitable as hedges in low maintenance gardens.

Louise Berry features beautiful young shoots that emerge as burgundy-red with brighter margins. They will mature into dark green edged with creamy white. Occasionally in early spring, the plant will produce large corymbs of small white flowers. This variegation of red, pink, green and white makes Louise a very interesting evergreen plant. Although rare, it does produces red fruit in summer.

Photinia Louise will thrive in a fertile soil that is moist and well-drained. Plant it in a full sun to partial shade position sheltered from cold and dry winds. Mix a good quality organic compost with the potting soil when growing it in containers. Water the container plants more often than the ones in the ground.

Louise features more compact and tidy growth habit than its other variegated cousins. It is relatively easy to grow shrub that requires lesser regular upkeep.

Photinia Louise is a reliable performer, suitable for those who are looking for guaranteed performance. It is ideal for mass planting and hedges. It will provide a remarkable beautiful contrast for other smaller shrubs in borders. Its evergreen nature makes it a perfect plant for garden containers.