Leucothoe Zeblid

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Product Description
Leucothoe is a magnificent hardy evergreen variety that is the perfect addition for brightening up the front of garden borders or when planted in containers to be displayed on the patio or decking, where the long slender leaves have an almost metallic shimmer in the sun. The vivid red foliage develops to a mild green then transpires into a bronze-red colour during the autumn and winter months, keeping interest and colour within the garden when other plants begin to fade. A great option to suppress weeds, this compact variety will reach a mature height of only 45-60cm. Small white flowers will begin to bloom in March through to May that contrast beautifully with the dense foliage. We recommend planting in more shaded areas of the garden in humus, rich acidic soil where they will thrive.

Plant Size
Mature Height 60 cm
Mature Spread 110 cm
Plant Spacing 100 cm

Planting Notes
Planting: Plant with soil firmly surrounding the roots.
Soil Type: Humus rich, acidic soil

Growing at a glance…
They will thrive best once planted in shaded locations. Trim lightly in late winter/early springLeucothoe are perfect for planting into fertile, neutral or acidic soil.