Fatsia Japonica Spiders Web


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Fatsia japonica ‘Spiders Web’ is a more compact, variegated form of Fatsia japonica, popular for the wide lobed leaves on long stems which have an attractive frosted look. This visually striking evergreen shrub is fast becoming a UK garden favourite not only for its unique leaves but also as it flowers and berries in the same way as Fatsia japonica, attracting lots of wildlife to the garden. It will also tolerate full shade which makes it a versatile option.

Planting Conditions: Moist, well-drained soil. Ideally a semi-shaded position, will tolerate full shade. Sheltered location and protect from hard frosts.

Spread: Up to 2.5m

Height: Up to 2.5m

Wildlife-friendly: Flowers are loved by pollinating insects and birds eat the berries in autumn