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This beautiful Californian Lilac is evergreen and forms a neat mound of dark foliage and powder blue flowers in late April through into May. Ceanothus belong to the Rhamnacaea family with over 60 species of diverse and beautiful shrubs and small trees. The Californian Lilacs are very versatile and can be used in containers, as focal point specimens or as useful all year round structural plants in a sunny free draining bed. They will tolerate dry garden soils but conversely, will require consistent moisture if grown in a container. Trim bi- annually following flowering to retain a compact and full habit. Feed annually with a balanced organic fertiliser such as Fish,Blood&Bone. Sited correctly and cared for, thyrisoflorus will give 20+ years of pleasure. 


Sold in 2 litre grower’s pot


Mature Height: 1.0m


Mature Spread: 2.5m


Flower Colour: Blue


Flowering Time: May to June


Foliage: Evergreen


Growth Rate: Average


Hardiness: Frost tender


Position: Full sun


Soil Moisture: Fertile, well-drained soil


Please note: images show how this plant may look at various stages of maturity. The size you choose may look different.