Azalea Japonica Pink


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This Azalea Japonica is absolutely fantastic for providing a vibrant splash of colour to your tricky shady spots. Capable of creating a tranquil Japanese theme, they come available in many flowering colours including white, soft pink, striking red and subtle oranges. Their dense and reasonably low growing habit makes them ideal for underplanting large trees or shrubs as well as giving evergreen interest. At the right time of year, this Azalea is happy to be clipped or trimmed back and is very easy to tidy up. Azalea Japonicas prefer an acid-based soil so be sure to plant them with ericaceous compost as well as feeding them with an ericaceous liquid feed. Dark green foliage really helps to highlight the flower and pollinators will love the display they put on in Spring. Height and spread can vary between certain flowering colours, the potential height is up to 1 metre and the spread is up to 1 metre.

  • Evergreen

  • Autumn colour

  • Loved by bees

  • Potential height 1 metre

  • Potential spread 1 metre