Vinca Minor

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Tough, low-maintenance, and pest-free, Vinca minor (commonly known as creeping myrtle or periwinkle) has pretty broadleaf foliage and flowers. It is also useful for providing ground cover and is known for its creeping habit. Vinca minor vines most commonly put out a blue flower in spring, but the color can also be lavender, purple, or white. They may bloom occasionally in summer, too, though the summer display will not be nearly as magnificent as the spring display. It has a medium growth rate and is typically planted in early spring; however, the hardy plant will tolerate being planted in autumn. Vinca minor is toxic to pets.


Plant Type: Evergreen perennial

Mature Height: 10cm

Mature Spread: 100-115cm

Soil type: Loam, Sand, Clay

Soil pH: Acidic, Alkaline, Neutral

Light: Full Sun to Shade

Hardiness: Hardy down to -15°C

Flowers: Blue, Lavender, Purple

Flowering Period: Spring/Summer