Oxalis Triangularis – Purple Shamrock

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This rare and sought-after established Oxalis Triangularis plant has gorgeous distinctive purple leaves that will close at night and open again in the morning. This wonderful plant also has edible flowers.

Light conditions: indirect, bright light (for example not on a windowsill that gets direct sun at any point in the day)

Plant Care: can stand a little unintentional neglect, even if it looks like it’s had its day they have been known to literally ‘come back from the dead’ due to the way they retreat into their bulbs below the soil, waiting for a little water to bring them back to life.

Watering: weekly watering throughout the summer months or when the soil feels dry to the touch. Less frequent during the winter months.

Rate of growth: fairly slow. The Oxalis may occasionally have a dormant period as part of its natural growth cycle, however it will ‘come back to life’, do not water and let the soil dry out and in a few weeks new leaves will grow and watering can resume.

Temperature: this plant won’t do well with prolonged temperatures over 25°C.

Pets: this plant is toxic to cats and dogs. See our range of pet friendly plants if your pet is prone to nibbling.

Common names: Purple Shamrock, False Shamrock and Love Plant

*Images are for illustrative purposes only. Plant supplied in a growers pot, decorative pot not included.