Helleborus Frostkiiss Moon Dance


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Height x Spread:  35cm x 35cm

‘Moondance’ is well named for its white flowers blushed lime green at their centre that will brighten any shadier part of the garden and are often the last flowers to be seen as dusk falls in the late winter and early spring.  This ethereal look is further enhanced by the silvery veining and marbling to its neat leathery evergreen foliage, providing year round interest in the garden.  

Bred by Rodney Davey as part of his quest to combine strong colour and marbled foliage in a hellebore, ‘Moondance’ has particularly striking flowers of white petals tinged with pale pink at their tips and a compelling central boss of pale lime stamens.  These face outwards rather than nod.  Held on relatively tall stems for its scale, this hellebore picks well for arrangements and would add WOW to any spring bridal bouquet.  A valuable source of nectar for early pollinators such as bumble bees, this versatile plant suits a range of situations from an elegant winter planter combined with ivy and OPHIOPOGON to a cottage or wildlife garden.  Very unfussy, it will thrive in part shade in a fertile, moist but well drained soil that is non-acidic.  

Irritant to skin, harmful if eaten.