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No summer garden is complete without Geraniums, which are among the perfect plants for summer bedding, containers, windowsills, and hanging baskets. Their bright blooms, which come in various colours, are popular with seasoned gardeners and anyone looking to brighten the summer home. Commonly named geraniums, these colourful blooms belong to a group of plants called Pelargonium.  Geraniums are a related genus of hardy flowering perennial shrubs called cranesbills. Geraniums and pelargoniums belong to the Geraniaceae family. Typically grown as annuals, If you keep these plants tended during the hot summer months with moderate to regular watering, you will enjoy their variety of colours—best planted on mass for a vivid, colourful display. 

Supplied in 10.5cm Growers Pot

Plant Care

If you are planting a Geranium in the garden, lightly fork over it to loosen the soil. Add in organic matter by digging in some Peat-free compost. Once the soil is mixed, dig a small hole with a spade and add a generous handful of Mycorrhizal fungi to the bottom of the planting hole.  Place the Geranium plant and back-fill with soil. Make sure you have not buried the plant lower in the ground than in the pot.  After planting, firm the soil around the plant, so the plant’s roots are in touch with the garden soil. After planting, water thoroughly and make sure the soil is moist but not too wet for the first two weeks. ?Spring: Plant out in containers after risks of frosts have passed in May?Summer: Deadhead throughout summer to ensure continuous blooms. Feed once every two weeks with Miracle grow to ensure healthy growth