Euphorbia Ascot Rainbow


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Characteristics: Attracts butterflies, drought tolerant, evergreen foliage, multi-seasonal interest, cream flowers with red centres

Growth & Spread: Height 1m – 1.5m, Spread 0.5m – 1m

Flourishing Season: Flowers in late spring to mid-summer, evergreen foliage

Water & Maintenance: Flowering Spurge is easy-to-grow, drought tolerant


Euphorbia ‘Ascot Rainbow’, also known as Flowering Spurge, is an evergreen plant with stunning foliage colours and flowers that bloom from late spring until mid-summer. It has colourful variegated foliage that change colour at the arrival of cooler season. Originally from Australia, Ascot Rainbow is popularly cultivated in the west for its striking presence.

Its evergreen stems are adorned with narrow leaves edged in bright yellow colour. This plant is drought and heat tolerant, easy to care for once established. It blooms large yellow-lime green flowers with red tips in clusters during spring through early summer.

Ascot Rainbow is more popular for its amazing foliage, for it will cast a year-round interest in your garden. The evergreen leaves will turn red-pink as warmer seasons shift to cooler ones. These plants will thrive in full sun and dry, well-drained soil.

Spurge plants contain a sap that can irritate eyes and skin, they are to be handled with care. They make an interesting showy piece for container gardens and flower borders.

This gorgeous flowering spurge lasts through multiple seasons, making your garden look lively even when other plants will lay dormant. Its long narrow green leaf blades display a perfect symmetry that is pleasing to the eyes.

Euphorbia Ascot Rainbow can grow a metre tall in stature without any regular maintenance, thus acting as a great addition to any perennial garden.