Echinacea Mellow Yellows


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Echinacea Mellow Yellows is a perfect perennial that produces the most sublime pastel yellow and green blooms from July to September. Its clump-forming habit and hardiness makes it a perfect flower to decorate your garden throughout the summer, without having to worry about the unpredictable British weather. Grows to heights of 80cm.

Growing at a glance…

Plant in spring/summer, once soil has warmed. Cut back when blooms begin to fade, as this will help encourage future growth. Protect from excessive winter wet. Ideal for containers and front of border displays. Soak roots in a bucket of water for 1-2 hours before planting. Dig a hole in the border that’s big enough to house the root system. Plant in groups for a fuller display, usually in groups of 3, somewhere that gets plenty of sunlight.

Plant Size

Mature Height

60 cm

Mature Spread

40 cm

Planting Notes


Plant in well dug prepared soil, and add a little manure or organic matter if possible

Soil Type

Humus rich, well drained soil