Digitalis Virtuoso White


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More commonly known as the ‘Foxglove’ or ‘lady’s finger’, the Digitalis is a tall plant that will look great in your borders or containers. This Digitalis produces white and purple trumpet-like flowers at the top of the flowering spike, which will attract pollinators into the space

How to grow Digitalis 
Plant in a space with full sun or partial shade in well-drained Sand, Clay, Chalk or Loam soil. Deadhead after flowering to avoid problems with excess numbers of seedlings and water lightly only when the top levels of soil have dried out 

Are Digitalis toxic? 
Yes, Foxgloves can be highly toxic if ingested, but you can mitigate this with proper handling. Always wash your hands after handling, and if possible, use gloves. Keep out of reach of small children, dogs and cats. 

This DIGITALIS purpurea Virtuoso White is supplied in a 9cm Growers Pot.