Digitalis Purple


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Position: partial shade

Soil: moist, humus-rich soil

Rate of growth: average to fast-growing

Flowering period: June to July

Hardiness: fully hardy, Iconic woodlanders, the flowers of this UK native first start opening from the base of the spike in early summer, but then carry on, reaching progressively higher over the following weeks. Each thimble-like pink, purple (or occassionally white) bloom has a attractively spotted throat and is a magnet to bees, which crawl right inside getting covered in pollen. If they are settled into a spot they like, they will self-seed freely, producing more plants that will flower in their second year. In a border setting, these plants can be used to add vertical interest, but they also look wonderful in generous swathes at the edges of a woodland.

Garden care: It is worth keeping in mind that these plants are mainly biennial, though if happy they will sometimes produce new sideshoots and self-seed freely.

Humans/Pets: TOXIC if eaten