Dicentra spectabilis alba


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Glamorise the shadier parts of your garden with pearly-white pendant blooms of Dicentra ‘Alba’, commonly known as lady in the bath or white bleeding hearts. Unlike the classic pink-flowered variety, this one flaunts pure, simple and chic white blooms, though still romantically heart shaped and pendulous on casually arching stems. Fresh and luscious looks make this perfect for a dull or shady spot which could do with a highlight.

Although Dicentra is best known as bleeding heart, the white variety has also been known unofficially as lady in the bath—interestingly, if you turn the heart-shaped flowers upside down they look a little like a lady sitting in a bathtub washing her hair! With such intriguing details which never fail to make you stop and take a closer look, the lovely Dicentra spectabilis ‘Alba’ makes for a sweet little addition to any cool and shaded part of the garden.

Key Features:

– Comes back every year

– Loved by pollinators

– Great for shade

– Low maintenance

– RHS Award (AGM)

– Fully hardy

– Slug & snail repellent

Flowering Period: April-May