Camassia Leichtlinii


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Sometimes known as wild hyacinths, camassias come from North America, where the huge bulbs were a traditional wild food crop. They look striking when in flower, are very long-lived and are perfect for naturalising in long grass and wildflower gardens. 

Camassia leichtlinii subp. leichtlinii bears spikes of star-shaped flowers through grassy leaves. It’s perfect for growing in large drifts for dramatic effect. For best results grow in moist soil in full sun.

How to grow Camassia leichtlinii

Plant size: 100cm height 20cm spread

Aspect: South facing, west facing

Position in border: Middle

Sun exposure: Full sun

Hardiness: Hardy

Soil type: Clay / heavy / moist

Flowering Period: May – June

Camassia leichtlinii and wildlife:

Camassia leichtlinii is known for attracting bees. It has nectar/pollen rich flowers.

Is Camassia leichtlinii poisonous?

Camassia leichtlinii has no toxic effects reported.