Topiary Hedge Shears


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These Kent & Stowe Topiary Hedge Shears are for the training of perennial foliage, Buxus, shrubs and trees into desired shape and forms. Create and maintain topiary. The premium ground, carbon steel, non-stick blades have a narrow-pointed design for a smooth, clean cut. The long, ergonomic design features lightweight aluminium handles for minimal fatigue. With rubber shock absorbers for smooth working and soft closing, they help to prevent jarring for comfortable prolonged use.

Premium ground, carbon steel non-stick blades for a smooth, clean cut
Narrow pointed blades for precision work
Long length ergonomic design with lightwieght aluminium habdles, for minimal fatigue
Rubber shcok absorbers provide smooth working and soft closing, to prevent jarring for comfortable prolonged use

How to use:
Create and maintain the perfect topiary with these shears
Ideal for the trimming and shaping of hedges and large topiary
To keep these blades in good condition wipe with an oiled cloth after each use and sharpen when necessary