Carbon Steel Border Spade


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A robust solid forged, high quality Kent & Stowe Border Spade made from carbon steel, for strength, and beautiful ash wood. Featuring an extended shank for improved strength, as well as having a larger tread edge for added comfort, this tool has quality guaranteed with its 10-year guarantee.

High quality carbon steel head
Handle made from beautiful ash wood split to form a traditional YD
Extended shank for improved strength
Larger tread edge for added digging comfort
Weight performance above UK standards

How to use

Use to turn soil in beds and borders
cultivate and turn soil for improved drainage
Easily dig small planting holes
Define flower beds and trees
When digging large areas ensure you maintain a straight back and bend knees to avoid strain
Use the tread edge to push spade into soil and leverage back with ease
Avoid muscle strain by depositing the soil close by

Dimensions: L104cm