Plantpak Seed Tray (5)


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This Standard Seed Tray is especially good for growing all types of seeds, cuttings and for rooting plant cuttings. The trays are manufactured from durable recycled plastic so that they can also be easily recycled.

Premium quality trays used by professional growers

Ideal for seeds and cuttings
Strong yet lightweight
Stackable with raised drainage holes
Use with a Standard Seed Tray Lid
Made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastics
Made in Great Britain
Pack of 5

Dimensions: H 8cm X W 37cm x D 24cm

How to use:

Fill the tray with compost, level off by pressing a seed tray on top, then water and allow to drain

Make holes in the compost and sow the seeds in accordance with the instructions
Water the seeds with a fine hose, and prevent drying out by using a clear cover
Germinate in a warm spot away from direct sunlight
Ensure you keep seedlings moist

Cut and remove the non-flowering 10cm shoot

Then trim to leave top two pairs of leaves
Dip in rooting gel
Insert firmly into the compost and water in
Place in poly bag, in warm spot away from direct sunlight