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Dive into the enchanting allure of “Gravity”, a bouquet that unveils a mysterious dance of love. This arrangement features the exotic Anthurium, the captivating Purple Lisianthus, and the elusive Blue Agapanthus. Mystical accents of Limonium, Ornitogalum, and the deep hues of Purple Freesia and Purple Antirrhinum add a touch of intrigue. Embellished with the verdant beauty of Green Leucodendrum and lush foliage including Panicum Grass, Eucalyptus, Ruskus, and Berried Ivy, ‘Gravity’ becomes a cosmic expression of love, pulling you into a celestial journey of romance and mystery.


Flowers: Flowers: Anthurium, Purple Lisianthus, Blue Agapanthus, Limonium, Ornitogalum, Green Leucodendrum, Purple Freesia, Purple Antirrhinum.

Foliage: Panicum Grass, Eucalyptus, Ruskus, Berried Ivy.


**Bouquet does not include vase**

As our flowers are fresh and seasonal, it means that occasionally substitutions within our bouquets will need to be made. However, let us assure you that we will always use the best seasonal flowers to create the beautiful hand-tied bouquets. Please note that the pots may vary based on stock availability.