Laurus nobilis – Bay Tree

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The Bay Tree is synonymous with stylish, elegant topiary found gracing doorways. Although often grown outdoors, Laurus nobilis lends itself perfectly to indoor container gardening, with the added culinary benefits of having fresh herbs to hand.

The Bay Tree has long, narrow, ovate leaves that have a leathery texture and an aromatic smell. Used in cooking stews, casseroles and curries, the leaves add a lovely fragrant flavour and can be used from fresh or dried.

Our Laurus nobilis have been clipped to form a beautiful, architectural shape. These shapes are easy to maintain with regular light trimming throughout spring and summer. This will also encourage leaf density resulting in a splendidly verdant and leafy plant.

Laurus nobilis – Bay Tree Care & Info Guide

Light: Laurus nobilis needs bright, filtered light. If moving outdoors, then acclimatise the plant to the sun first to avoid leaf burn.

Watering: Water moderately, being careful not to overwater which can cause root damage. Allow the soil to become slightly dry before watering.

Temperature: The Bay Tree is a hardy plant and it will thrive in normal household conditions. It won’t mind draughts either.

Humidity: Bay Trees prefer higher humidity environments. Consider misting occasionally for best results.

Feed: Liquid fertiliser can be applied as a weak solution during the growing season.

Height & Growth Rate: Trim your nobilis to maintain desired size and height. Moderate growth rate.

Toxicity: This plant is considered toxic to animals. Keep out of reach of pets.

Origin: Laurus nobilis is native to the Mediterranean region