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Garden Essentials

Quality tools are always a good investment. Take care of them and they will last you a lifetime.

We carry a wide range from both Spear & Jackson and Moulton Mill along with great quality secateurs and garden shears.

To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul - Alfred Austin
— Alfred Austi


Watering is one of the most important tasks to ensure your garden stays lush & green during those hot summer months.  

The low-tech pour of a watering can is still one of a gardener's most useful tools - reaching areas that are inaccessible with a hose and providing a much-needed drink to plants when you haven't got time to get out the hose.  

We have a wide variety of watering cans both for indoor and outdoor gardens and varying sizes.  When a watering can just doesn't have the volume needed to really water the whole of the garden, its time to get a hose.  

We stock a number of garden hoses from the more traditional reel hoses to the modern expandable types, as well as a wide variety of attachments and accessories. 


Sometimes when plants are very young and in the early stages of development using canes help provide the support plants need to ensure they grow big and strong and hopefully in the right direction.

Various plants have differing support requirements.  We stock a variety of options including bamboo canes, as well as wooden stakes for larger plants and small trees.  For a simple fix we would recommend using grips, garden twine and wire ties.

With climbing plants you will frequently see a trellis, obelisk and arches being used.  Not only do they provide a functional use in some much needed support,  but they are also used for aesthetic reasons by directing the growth over a specific area or cover.    

Work on the vegetable garden


For all those other jobs in the garden we also stock gardening gloves, seed trays and pots, fleece rolls, membrane weed suppressent, hanging baskets, tool hooks, soil PH testing kits, moisture testers as well as rubbish bags of varying strengths and much more.