Haworthia Fasciata Big Band

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A delightful succulent which is a close relative of the aloe plant, with distinctive green fleshy leaves, etched with strong white lines growing as a rosette. The leaves have pronounced ridges running across them, hence the rather lovely common name ‘fairies washboard’. This is a great beginners plant that won’t take up much space. Although they can have small white flowers held above tall wiry stems, it is the beautiful leaves that it is grown for.

Home care: Needs very little care. Water sparingly when required and keep in an even warm environment. As an added bonus, this plant often produces small baby plants, or offsets, at the base of the main rosette of leaves, which can be potted up to give to all your friends!

Light: The Haworthia fasciala will appreciate some bright, indirect sunlight throughout the day but can cope in slightly more shaded locations. Avoid direct sunlight as this can cause the stems to burn.
Watering: Water when soil is almost dry, this Haworthia needs free draining soil as excess water can cause it to rot, perlite is an excellent addition to the soil for drainage.
Temperature: Will thrive in normal household temperatures, can tolerate drops to as low as 5°C
Humidity: Haworthia aren’t fussy when it comes to humidity but they will appreciate good ventilation. Avoid tight spaces.
Feed: Will appreciate a cactus fertiliser solution in spring and summer, none in winter.
Height & Growth Rate: Slow growing, ultimate height of 0.1 – 0.2m
Toxicity: The Haworthia fasciala is non-toxic and pet safe.
Origin: Haworthia fasciala is a succulent native to Southern Africa.