Croton Plant (Codiaeum Variegatum Petra)

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Native to India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Western Pacific Islands, Croton is a wonderfully ornamental plant with deep bright yellow veins and glossy oval leaves with pointed tips. A really stunning choice that will no doubt be a stand out in your collection! A spectacular accent for indoors or use outdoors in warm weather to create huge color impact. Croton can be a little temperamental but once you find that perfect spot for them their bright showy leaves won’t disappoint!

How to care for your croton

Water: Keep your Codiaeum in damp soil at all times. Leaves can drop if soil dries out too much.

Light:  Codiaeum need plenty of bright light. Allow direct sunlight for at least a few hours a day, however avoid the scorching midday sun as this will cause leaf fade.

Humidity: They need to be in a humid environment to thrive, a kitchen or bathroom would be well suited.

Temperature: They love warmth, at least 18 degrees C.

Toxic to cats & dogs? Yes

Air purifying? Yes