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Plants, Shrubs & Trees

“The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies” - Gertrude Jekyll


Plants, Shrubs & Trees

Whether you want a low-maintenance garden, something robust to withstand an active family or simply year-round colour, we can help. We'll be happy to discuss everything from design, planting and placement, through to aftercare - ensuring all your hard work continues to perform year after year.

Wherever possible, we source our plants from UK growers. Being locally grown, they can cope well with London conditions so they thrive when planted. Our expert gardeners are always on hand to help you find 'The right plant for the right place'.

If you are looking for a particular plant, please don't hestitate to get in touch with our Garden Team. Moreover, if there is a particular rose you are looking for (especially David Austin varieties), please get in touch and we will endeavour to source it for you.

Minds are like flowers; they open only when the time is right.
— Stephen Richards


Bedding plants that are quick to grow and flower are available as both annuals and biennials, bringing a real pop of colour to any border or window box throughout the year.  

Annuals "give it their all" in one year.  Biennials grow a leafy plant in year one, before flowering in year two. Wildflowers and foxgloves are popular biennials. Get them from us when they are in their flowering year, and we’ve done all the growing for you so you can enjoy them at their best.

Bedding plants are usually priced lower then perennials, so it makes sense to buy them in larger numbers for a stunning effect. You can also try growing them from seeds if you like to fill your garden with colour whilst watching your pennies. Throughout the year we stock a wide selection of colourful seasonal bedding plants. All of these should be treated as annuals, whilst not forgetting most vegetables are grown as annuals as well.


Perennials last year after year, giving overall structure and a dependable rhythm to your flower beds. Their long life means they usually offer great value for money too.

Once you have perennials in place, you can design the rest of your garden around them. Don't forget that the classic English country garden is often based around a herbaceous border of hardy perennials.

When winter comes, most will die back, laying dormant until they're ready to return for a new growing season. This is the best time of year to undertake any pruning, before the sap rises again in the spring.


Roses are often considered a must-have for any English garden. Our David Austin collection has burgeoned year on year to provide a truly dazzling selection - and we will continue to build on availability, month by month.  

With such a wide range to choose from, please ask a member of our Garden Team to help you pick out the the perfect variety for your plot.


Choose an evergreen if you want a plant that won't shed its leaves every autumn. Many shrubs, trees, a few climbers and nearly all conifers are evergreen, giving plenty of choice for any garden.

These plants add a welcome touch of green in winter - and shape and structure all year round. Evergreens put on a burst of growth in spring, like all plants, and will seem to lose some leaves. However, they will stay green and fresh if you give them some iron-rich plant food.

If you're looking for something specific then give us a call, send us an email or come in and we can let you know what we have - or check when it it is likely to be in stock

We usually stock a wide variety of evergreen shrubs and plants like: Buxus Euonymus, Pieris, Pittosporum Tenuifolium, Camellia, Choisya, Phormium, Laurel, Ligustrum, Escallonia, Nandina Domestica, Rhododendron, Azalea, Ceanothus, Callistemon, Hebe, Daphne, Viburnum, Acacia and Photinia.


Deciduous trees and shrubs lose their leaves in autumn, remaining bare over winter, and putting out new leaves every spring.

Deciduous shrubs often play an important role in the garden; providing the fresh green leaves of spring, beautiful summer blossoms and colourful autumn fruits.  

Even in winter, the bare branches provide height and structure to a border, as well as shelter for birds and insects.

We stock throughout the year; Silver Birch, Acers, Cornus, Prunus, Magnolia, and Forsythia.



Shrubbery may not be the most fashionable term, but shrubs give you low-maintenance height, colour and variety in your garden all year round. 

Deciduous shrubs lose their leaves in winter, but many give a fantastic display of autumn colour, berries, fruit or coloured stems. 

Evergreen shrubs add structure and life to your garden in winter, and also provide a safe haven for sheltering birds and wildlife. They can be clipped into formal shapes, or left for a natural look.

We stock the following and more; Buxus, Euonymus, Pieris, Pittosporum Tenuifolium, Choisya, Phormium, Laurel, Laurus Nobilis, Ligustrum,  Escallonia, Nandina Domestica, Rhododendron, Azalea, Ceanothus, Callistemon, Hebe, Camellia, Daphne, Viburnum, Acacia, Forsythia, Pyracantha, Skimmia, Sarcococca, Sambucus Cofusa, Mahonia and Photinia.


If you want to add some size and structure to your garden then grasses are great. They can offer some element of privacy given their height and the size of their plumes.  

During the winter months, many grasses still add colour and shape to the garden; even those that are dormant.  

Cut them back ahead of their new growth in spring. There are many varieties of grasses, with not all needing full sun. Some prefer a more shady environment, but still tend to like a dry and well drained soil.


We have a broad selection of climbers to choose from throughout the year, including both evergreen and deciduous varieties. Clematis is perfect for adding colour to obelisks, trellises and pergolas.

We stock many varieties year round, with new varieties arriving weekly in the summer months, such as Lonicera (Honeysuckle), as well as the ever popular Trachelospermum Jasminoides (Jasmine), Passiflora (Passion Flower), Parthenocissus, Hydrangea Petiolaris, Campsis, Solanum (Potato Vine), Akebia Quinata and the much-loved Wisteria.


Trees are a mainstay of landscape and garden design. As well as providing structure, they can be highly practical, offering shelter from the elements, whether it's wind, rain or sun; they can hide unpleasant views; and they can provide much needed privacy from neighbours in urban areas. Of course, they can also provide fruit and berries year after year. 

With these practical applications comes the beauty of the changing foliage of deciduous trees and the year round colour of evergreens. 

When thinking about planting a tree always ask yourself what will it look like in in 5 to 10 years. How will it effect your existing garden?  If you need any advice, please don't hesitate to ask our Garden Team.  

We stock a number of varieties throughout the year including: Silver Birch, Acer, Fruit Trees, Evergreen Oak, Olive, Bay Tree, Tracarpious and Magnolias.


When it comes to bulbs, most people automatically think of daffodils and bluebells.  Planting a wide variety of bulbs can add colour and beauty to your garden from early spring until late summer. On display with our bulbs, you will find corms, tubers and rhizomes - all different forms of fleshy roots which provide energy for the growing plant.  

Popular corms include crocuses and gladioli. Dahlias grow from tuberous roots, and many vegetables, such as potatoes, are forms of tubers. 

Remember to plan ahead when planting bulbs. Spring flowerers such as daffodils and tulips, must be planted in the autumn. Dahlias, gladioli, lilies and other summer flowering bulbs need to be in the ground in the spring. And don't forget, plants like these often thrive in containers, including potatoes.