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"If your world is rottin, grow something from the compost" - Jessie Hart

Whatever your garden project, we've got just the compost for you.  So whether you're topping up the soil in your allotment with a multi-purpose compost, looking to grow fresh vegetables or fragrant roses, it's crucial that you choose the right compost for your gardening needs.  

Our expert staff are happy to help advise you which compost should be used depending on your requirements.  Our selection includes, multi purpose, john innis, peat free, horse manure, organic compost, ericaceous compost, decorative and composted bark chips.


A multi-purpose compost is a growing media suitable for a wide range of gardening activities, including seed-sowing, potting and container planting.   Suitable for plants, shrubs and tress and ideal for potting or containers.  

They come in various sizes ranging from 10 litres to a whopping 75 litre bags.  We also stock ericaceous compost for those plants which prefer more acidic soil.  

As usual our staff are on hand for guidance as well as muscle should you need a hand carrying them to the car.  


These more specialist types of composts are mainly for house plants, cacti and succulents, orchids and citrus trees.  

They come in smaller bags of 10 ltr making them easier to carry should you not have a car.  


Mixing with compost potting grits and gravels provide extra drainage for cacti and succulents as well as other plants that require well drained roots.    

Vermiculite can be used alone or mixed with soil or peat to aid seed germination.  Perlite is similar but is mainly used for aeration and works to stop soil getting compacted.   

Clay pebbles commonly known as Hydrocorn or Hydroleca, are an organic growing medium and will help speed up plant growth by providing plenty of aeration to the root zone. They also provide a great support structure to give your plants unparalleled stability.


Main usage for bark is to spread it on across the bedding bare soil.  Not only is it a great way of reducing the need for frequent weeding.  Its other usages are purely decorative.  

Offering and more traditional finish to any garden design project by providing a clean and rustic canvas to showcase your plants,